Rough Character Sheets

Here is the rough draft, general character sheet that will be used to generate our lowly heroes as we start to play.


The Stormcast Hero


1 500 Experience=(.25* Enemy Army Value if victorious) + Points Slain
2 1000 Add a Stat Point If you win pick the model that slew the most points and pick off the gifts table.
3 1500
4 2000 Add a stat Point
5 2500 Artifact Quest(Victor adds a weapon ability)
6 3000
7 3500 Add a stat Point
8 4000
9 4500 Add a Stat Point
10 5000 Gain Your Basic Racial Mount, Or Mutation, Add an ability or Spell
11 5500 Add a Stat Point
12 6000
13 6500 Add a Stat Point
14 7000
15 7500 Upgrade to a Second Tier Racial Mount, Add an Ability, spell or change command ability
16 8000
17 8500 Add a Stat Point
18 9000
19 9500 Add a Stat Point
20 10000 Upgrade to  Legendary Racial Mount or turn into a Monster

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