Lightning and Shadows

Coming Soon (12/3/2016)

Little is known of the shadow realm. Dark secrets and prowling foes stalk every league of the foreboding land. Rumors have escaped the gravity of the realms secrecy which hint at a mysterious power radiating from deep within Ulgu.

The strange power has drawn the gaze of the ancient and cunning alike. It’s essence an echo of a lost world. Its radiance reaching out through the void to a hungering force of Skaven, ever clawing their way through reality to reach the shadow realm and obtain it’s power.

A chamber of Stormcast Eternals has also been drawn to the area in search of a comrade who has gone missing. Knowing he is either dead or captured  Sigmar waits expectantly for his soul to return for reforging. Celestant Alarik will not see his brother forgotten and hopes to follow these rumors of power to his warriors location. Alarik has seen the twisted individuals the realm can create. Having no way of knowing the intent of a possible captor he will not abandon his faithful warrior to such an ominous fate.


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