Awakening to a shattered dominion

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Welcome to the Realms of Madness blog. It will be a combination of painting/modelling progression, battle/campaign reports, and backstory and narrative surrounding my armies and those of anyone i play with frequently.

Some Nerd Origin Story

I have been collecting miniatures for a long time. I played the most in 5th edition 40k with my Mechanized Eldar list. My playing has died off more due to schedule than lack of interest. I am almost finished with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, after which I hope to play a lot of bot Age of Sigmar and 40k.

A combination of David Witek’s Garagehammer Podcast and finding it increasingly difficult to have good balanced games with my Eldar I started down the path of the square baser, the neck beard, and the virgin. I STARTED PLAYING FANTASY!!!!!!

Image result for surprise gif.

Likely outdated jokes of unjustified 40k elitism aside, playing fantasy or as it is now know AoS is actually a homecoming for me. I started playing a khorne themed warriors of chaos army with these bad boys.retro

These are not actually my model but look almost identical to how I had painted them. At the time having felt I reached the apex of painting ability with my Michael’s AppleBarrel acrylics I sought a greater challenge.applebarrel

I though what greater a painting challenge could there be than switching from khornate chaos warrior to blue eldar. So with a hot new 3rd edition eldar codex I began the path of the warrior.

Here are some of the model I painted I know they are unfinished it is a craftsmenship issue I have worked very hard to improve. More photos can be found on Dakka under Eldar Craft or if you live in Utah or there’s a decent change I’ve played you back in the day.

Sadly my I have been painting for many more years than my result probably show but like the rest of us I keep working to improve. My new approach that has been much more useful is to block everything in then add details to each unit as time allows and gameplay motivates.

I still enjoy 40k a lot and will always be and elf fanboy in general, which eldar fall into. With the current state of the game I find my Eldar don’t lead to many fun games though obviously are great in tournaments.

To me AoS embodies all the positive changes we’ve seen in GW. The old world is sorely missed by I am excited to play in a new setting with a games designed for immersion and cooperation. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and look forward to more exciting and game/hobby related content.

Coming Soon

The mortal realms writhe and mutate under the grasp of the Chaos God’s. Aspirants from every realm, bearing every imaginable intention grow in power. From which realm will you emerge? What deed will endear to history and legend alike. This is a time of war, change, and decay. Will you conquer or cleanse?

Summon your strength, produce your weapon of choice, a storm appraoches.


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